I am a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Division of Epidemiology at NYU Langone Health, working with Magdalena Cerda, Kara Rudolph, and Ivan Diaz.

I recently got a Ph.D. from New York University, advised by Prof. Rumi Chunara. I was a member of ChunaraLab and ViDA. I am broadly interested in developing methods in causal inference and algorithmic fairness with specific applications in healthcare and public health. Overall, my research aims to develop methods for advancing health equity. Recently I have also been interested in studying the intersection of health policies and disparities. My research was generously supported by the Google PhD Fellowship.

Previously, I obtained my Masters degree in Computer Science from New York University, where Prof. Rumi Chunara supervised my Master’s thesis. My fateful but interesting past was spent dabbling in Computer Engineering at Pune Institute of Computer Engineering.